Healthy Nutrition Tips

We are a race obsessed with diets and nutrition. There are so many health needs on a daily basis and the diets commonly taken today generally do not take into account the correct amount of nutrition the body requires. The body needs vitamins and minerals, and can get these itself from healthy food; in fact that is what it is designed to do. However, with ever-expanding fast food outlets and processed meals that you can heat up in a jiffy, the body needs something to replace the lacking minerals and vitamins. This is where the vitamin supplement market thrives. It provides pills to cover your body with the needed nutrients when an inappropriate diet failed to give the exact nutrition the body needed.

So what does the body need exactly?

The body is ingeniously designed and it can run on an empty stomach for quite some time before it starts to break down. This is why it is not immediately noticeable if a certain element or vitamin is lacking from a diet until something goes wrong. The body needs proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium on a daily basis to actively keep a happy balance.

The most common element that we notice lacking in quite a quick period of time is iron and a deficiency in this can lead to anemia. Iron is needed to keep the blood supply healthy and it can promote red blood cell activity. Red blood cells carry oxygen around the body and provide energy. Feeling weak and listless is common with iron deficiency. Ignoring these symptoms can create more problems including dizzy spells and even heart palpitations, so it is best to avoid it and this can be done easily and simply by adjusting the diet to include iron-rich food such as peaches or green leafy vegetables.

Top tips for a healthy life

Always start the day with a good breakfast such as whole cereals or wholemeal toast or yogurt. Team these with orange juice and you’re set for the morning, which will help you avoid the munchies. Eating breakfast kick starts your body’s system and it starts the metabolism for the day.

Include vegetables and fruit on a daily basis. Ideally, at least 5 a day is recommended but if you feel unable to commit to that, you could try a smoothie that includes plenty of vitamins in a delicious drink.
A certain amount of cholesterol and fat is required by the body, but foods rich in high cholesterol will only store problems for the future so give them a wide berth. The same is true of oil. However, note that the natural oil in fish is very beneficial. The bones need calcium to stay healthy, particularly as we grow older as they become more porous, so include a good calcium intake every day.

A balanced diet will not only keep your body in good condition and keep you off any unwanted infections and illnesses; it will also help you to maintain an ideal weight. Clearly, you have to be sensible and include a little exercise to keep the heart and lungs healthy as well as your muscle tone healthy while you are eating right.

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