An “Extremely” Healthy Fitness Plan?

Though the words “healthy” and “extreme” aren’t used together often (and that’s probably a good thing) the latest health craze that’s sweeping the nation is Extreme Fitness DVDs. These are fitness DVDs packaged in sets as personal fitness programs, promising weight loss and muscle gain in 60-90 days. They’re geared toward those with a competitive spirit who are up to the challenge of a tough workout and are dared by the slick infomercials and word of mouth.

While it’s certainly a good thing that this is getting people moving in record numbers, one wonders about the health benefits and risks these may pose. However, the potential to work out a variety of muscle groups without leaving your own home is promising even to the most devout of fitness buffs.

According to a study done by ACE Fitness, one of these stands out as a high-quality workout, and that’s the GSP’s Rushfit series, offered by MMA champion Georges St-Pierre.

GSP Rushfit, the review says, offers the most scientific-based approach and does a good job of showing the trainee why each exercise is important and what muscle groups it affects. As well, unlike some of the other programs, this MMA fitness DVD series can be done with only hand weights and a yoga mat.

This means that rather than upsell the trainee on their line of expensive, and seriously unhealthy weight gain supplements, the GSP set includes a diet plan and nutrition guide with recipes using real food.

Working out beside a real MMA legend actually motivates the user to keep going, and at just $89 this prospect is very intriguing.

Overall, as long as you stay off the supplements and do these programs at your own pace, we believe they can be a reliable alternative to a personal trainer that’s not only healthy on your body, but your wallet.

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