Bosu is a multifunctional hemispherical fitness ball, which becomes more popular among the fans of the non-traditional methods of fitness training. You can use Bosu to perform various exercises, yoga, dance and almost everything you have in your mind. This fitness ball will give you much more opportunities to loseRead More →

The flat belly is something uncommon especially after the holidays. If you want to improve your condition and to get rid of your swollen stomach, then you have to improve your diet and to increase the exercises designed for that purpose. What exercises you have to apply in order toRead More →

Though the words “healthy” and “extreme” aren’t used together often (and that’s probably a good thing) the latest health craze that’s sweeping the nation is Extreme Fitness DVDs. These are fitness DVDs packaged in sets as personal fitness programs, promising weight loss and muscle gain in 60-90 days. They’re gearedRead More →