What to eat and drink before, during and after training?

What to eat before, during and after training? How much and when should I drink during training? Tea or coffee? Issues of concern to any fitness fan. If you want to find the answer just read the useful info and you will improve your condition and results without any doubt.

What to eat before, during and after training?

During a short workout – up to 2 hours you should not eat anything. You should only drink small quantities of water of juice. The problem occurs when the exercise is prolonged. So, often we rely on energy bars, but nuts and fruit are far more useful alternative.

Before training, many people consume a lot of carbohydrates with high glycemic index, but you must know that it is completely wrong. At least two hours before exercise it is better to have some light foods with a low glycemic index, such as bread, butter, jam and tea.

Carbohydrates with high glycemic index are not good foods for consumption after the training. If you have slim and good shape, then you can safely afford pasta or pizza after the workouts. However, if you’re overweight, even after intense physical activity, which lasted an hour and a half, just a plate of pasta or pizza slice will increase the fat reserves. So, the best solution would be a mix of proteins and carbohydrates with low glycemic index, protecting your organism against a sharp increase of the insulin level.

How much and when should I drink if you train?

Many people use mineral supplements during any physical activity, but it is wrong when you are under stress to drink excessive amounts of minerals because the salts lead to a rapid discharge of fluid through the gut, reducing the absorption of water. The ideal solution is to drink mineral water at room temperature; the amount is one cup (200 ml) every 20 minutes during the physical activity. Of course, if the training is short – one hour, can you drink when you’re done.

The amount of water which you have to drink is different according to the season. Try to drink more water during the summer when your body loses more fluids due to the hot weather. It is clear that in winter you will need less water than in the hot and humid summer, so try to drink an incomplete cup (150 ml) in winter and one a half cup (300 ml) in the summer every 20 minutes.

At the end of the training should intake at least the same amount of liquid that you lost while sweating, reduced by 20%. This means that if the difference in your body weigh before the training and immediately afterwards is 1 kg, then you can drink 800 ml of water. Of course, these are added 800 ml to the 2 liters of water, which you should drink during the day.

Tea or coffee?

It is always better to have tea instead of coffee, especially if it is green tea, prepared correctly. But the physical activity requires the answer of this question because many people drink coffee before exercise, as it is considered as thermogenics. This means that coffee increases the thermal activity of the body and stimulates the fat loss. Of course it is not fatal to drink coffee before jogging, but let’s not forget that caffeine stimulates the heart, and when exercising, you should control it.

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