How to regain a flat belly?

The flat belly is something uncommon especially after the holidays. If you want to improve your condition and to get rid of your swollen stomach, then you have to improve your diet and to increase the exercises designed for that purpose. What exercises you have to apply in order to regain your flat belly? Find the answer below.

In addition to the limitation of foods that bloat your stomach, you should do and exercises for your abdominal muscles. Baggy and shapeless belly is an awful result from the lack of sufficient muscle tone of the abdominal muscles. Fortunately, subcutaneous fat layer of the abdomen is pressed tightly to the muscles, there is not any glandular tissue layer. It means that when working out your abdominal muscles, you directly influence over the fat tissues.

Check out some exercises that will get your belly flat as soon as possible. Apply them every day and you will see the results sooner than you can imagine.

Exercise 1: Crunches on bench

It is advisable to have a crunch bench at home, in order to train the abdominal muscles every time when you have possibility. Of course, if you prefer to train in the gym, there you can find plenty of them. The classic crunches on bench are the best exercise to tighten up the abdominal muscles. Repetitions depend on the current status of the abdominal muscles and your individual abilities. If you’re at home, judge for yourself. In the gym there is always someone who can guide you.

Exercise 2 to regain a flat belly

The next exercise not only tightens the abdominal muscles, but also the muscles of your thighs and buttocks. Lie on the floor with straight legs. Put your hands behind your head and bend your legs at the knees until you feel tension in your abdominal muscles. Do 20-30 reps.

Exercise 3 to regain a flat belly

Make crunches along with lifting your legs. Lay on the floor with straight legs and hands behind your head. Lift torso and bent your legs at the knees simultaneously until you feel tension in your abdominal muscles. Do 15-20 reps.

Exercise 4 to regain a flat belly

The final exercise is to lift the legs, which tightens the lower abdominal muscles that suffer most during the swelling of the stomach. The exercise also works the hip and buttocks. Lay on the floor with your hands aside the body and straight legs. Lift your legs as higher as possible without bending them. Do 20-30 reps.

If you make these crunches every day you will regain your flat belly pretty soon. Just a proper diet is not enough and if you keep yourself motivated and orientated, then you will have perfect abs for sure. Be positive and you will see the results almost immediately.

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