Are Vitamin D Supplements Tablets Really a Way To Prolong Your Life?

Recent studies have shown that lack of sunlight can have a detrimental effect on your health and well-being. In particular it’s reported that men and women exposed to the most sunlight throughout their lives are less likely to die of cancer. The main factor for this is given by the role that Vitamin D has on overall health and by the fact that the major source of Vitamin D for humans is sunlight.

It is still true that extreme sunburn and overexposure to sunlight can be hazardous, but so seem now to be the overuse of sun blocking creams and avoidance of sunlight. The common recommendation for the avoidance of all sun exposure may bring to a serious risk of developing Vitamin D deficiency, and Vitamin D deficiency may be dangerous as new discoveries point out.

The researchers find more and more good features as the studies proceed. Vitamin D is considered, among other things, to strengthen the immune system, prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and depression. By strengthening the immune system, vitamin D has also been shown to provide protection against flu. Vitamin D seems now to be the panacea for almost anything. Let’s summarize just some of the latest findings in the vitamin D studies:

1) Vitamin D protects against heart attacks.
2) Vitamin D supplements reduce risk of dying prematurely.
3) Increasing doses of vitamin D may reduce cancer risk.

So in order to live long, enjoy the sun on bare skin (without sunscreen, but also without burning yourself of course), and eat as much oily fish as possible (salmon, sardines and mackerel provide with a good vitamin D contribution).

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