Lemon juice diet for better weight loss

Lemon juice diet helps you to lose weight and reload your body with vitamin C really effective. This easy for application diet refreshes and rejuvenates the skin in the best possible manner. You don’t have to change your lifestyle or calculate the consumed calories to enjoy the benefits of the lemon juice diet. Therefore, it is preferred by a lot of people who want to reduce some extra pounds and improve the condition of the skin fast and with proven results.

The duration of the lemon juice diet is about 2 weeks. If you follow this astonishing diet and continue to consume different foods as usual you will be able to reduce about 4 kg of your body weight. But if you manage to cut the sugar, sweets and bread from your daily menu, the body weight which can be reduced is more than 6 kg. If necessary or you just simply loved the great result, the diet can be repeated, but with breaks of at least 1 month.

Diet with lemon juice

 During the first day of the diet you should squeeze one lemon in the morning and dilute the juice with 2/ 3 mineral water and drink the pleasant cocktail on an empty stomach. Then it is good to rinse your mouth with a weak solution of baking soda (1 / 3 teaspoon baking soda ½ cup of water) to neutralize the acid and protect tooth enamel. Then continue to follow your usual dietary regime or slightly limit the consumption of food. The only rule which you must follow is not to eat after 19 pm.

During the next few days you have to continue to squeeze lemons every morning and to increase the amount of lemons by 1 until you reach 6. The proportion of dilution with mineral water remains the same. It is pretty simple – just add 1 lemon every day and drink everything before breakfast.

After that you have to fast one day. All you are allowed to consume is the mixture of 3 litres of boiled water, the juice of 3 lemons and 3 tablespoons of honey. That’s all throughout the day, just drink it.

During the eighth day of the lemon juice diet you have to decrease the amount of lemons each day by 1, up to a lemon per day. When you reach that phase, again, it is time for another fasting day. After that you can go back to your normal diet regime and of course, try to be moderate and responsible person.

Just keep in mind that the lemon juice diet is not suitable for people allergic to citrus fruits, and those who suffer from gastritis or ulcer. Before its application you need to consult a physician.

The lemon juice diet is perfect for weight loss and energy recharge of your organism without changing a lot of your regular eating habits. Well, if you want better results you have to avoid some certain foods like sweets and bread. If you do so, then the wonderful result will come for sure.

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